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Welcome to Poker Player Life, your home for all things having to do with what I believe is the greatest game out there, Poker! My goal for this site is to create a place where all poker enthusiasts, from beginner (we were all there once) to the seasoned player, can enjoy everything that the game has to offer. After all, even though poker is about outplaying, bluffing and beating your opposition, it is also a social game. I don’t know about you, but I have met some of my best friends sitting across the table from them!

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As you can probably tell from the photo above, not only am I a poker player, but I am an avid golfer. It’s amazing to me how many other poker players I bump into have the same passion.If you are a poker player and a golfer, make sure to check out Golf Player Life.

With that said, my commitment to you is to create a place that you will enjoy coming back to again and again. With the ever changing face of the game, Poker Player Life will always be a work in progress. And you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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There is a new edition to the online poker family! Peak Entertainment™, one of the most prestigious and trusted gaming companies in the online industry, is proud to offer Sun Poker™ to the virtual gaming world.

Sun Poker uses Cryptologic software, one of the most advanced and esteemed gaming software companies in the industry. Although the look and feel of the software similarly compares to other poker rooms, Sun Poker is quick, flawless and hassle free. Here are a few screen shots of the software:

Let me tell you, this poker room is addicting! I’ve played poker with my buddies for several years and didn’t think playing online would have the same appeal as sitting around a table with trash talking friends. Within an hour of playing Sun Poker I was hooked! For two weeks I was playing every night for a couple of hours, and this was just the “play for fun” mode. Once I was used to the pace of the game, I finally decided to play for real money. After two hands I was up $100 and feeling pretty good about my poker skills. Unlike playing in person, you have to concentrate on the betting habits of the other people at the table instead of relying on the little quirks and nuances of each individual. You’ll see what I mean once you start to play.

At Sun Poker you can choose to play Texas Hold ‘Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha High and Omaha High/Low. They also have daily tournaments where you can test your skills against the best from all over the world. Believe me, it’s pretty exciting knowing that you’re playing in a tournament with a guy half way across the world. That’s the great thing about poker – the rules of the game are the same no matter what language you speak!



Receive a 100% Match Bonus up to $50 on your first deposit. An extra $40 in FREE chips will automatically be added to your account after you have participated in your 200th hand (excluding tournament play), during any calendar month!


The Bad Beat Jackpot will never drop below the minimum of $2,500.00/£1,500. Every morning at 12:00 AM EST, the jackpot will increase by $150.00/£100.

Review Summary

Take it from me, out of all the online poker rooms I’ve tried, Sun Poker is definitely my favorite. If you’re a poker fan like me but just don’t have the time to get together with your buddies every week, visit, you may thank me or you may curse me for getting you hooked on one of the best online poker sites on the Internet today.